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Body of Ecstasy

by Madhu Anziani & Egemen Sanli

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Enter the space inside your head See it as already infinite Expanding forever in every direction That spaciousness that you are Is permeated by luminosity That radiant light is the soul of the world Radiant light is the soul of the world That luminosity, That spaciousness that you are
Waves arise from water Flames arise from fire Rays emanate from the sun So do you and I shine forth From the mysterious one Dance until you are ready to drop! Whirl until you lose all control Now drop! Fall to the earth Just drop! Fall to the earth Beyond motion and commotion Become the body of ecstasy Continue this dance in your inner world Anandamayi Chaitanyamayi Satyamayi Parameshwari Surrender! Ananda Maya Kosha
We make this offering Offer up your whole heart To the mystery of the universe Make this offering from your heart To the ocean of the mystery of the universe We make this offering of love To the vastness of the mystery Offer up your whole heart To the ocean of the mystery You'll be pulsing like a sun With the life of the universe Your heart is opening With the life of the universe 'Cause this is the life of the universe Pulse-Dissolve, Pulse-Dissolve This is the life of the universe Now, could you be so in love That you are willing to dissolve Every moment Just to be recreated? This is the life of the universe Without thought, Without reservation
I am animal I am human I am a loving heart I am a questioning mind A particle of infinity Who is this I? I am a witness to creation I am consciousness itself Quien soy yo? I am the universe, the universe is I OM AHAM ASMI BRAMAHSMI
The Flame 08:03
I am immersed in this flame The flame of time The flame of love The flame of life I allow this universal fire to flow through me Let it all burn away Step into this fire with all of your heart Start with your big toe Step all the way in Let it all burn away now Let all that doesn't serve you fall away, Let it all burn away Step all the way into this cosmic flame Let this sacred fire consume it all All heaviness, all fear, all stuck energy
You thought you knew what was going on But now you're stuck, yes, you are powerless You realize that all along you didn't have a clue You're stopped in your tracks Everything within your skin is shaken up Yeah, it's shaking up Enter this shaking Get curious Look around your insides with wonder Unmind your mind Unwind your mind Now that all of your walls have fallen down Go ahead and dissolve Dissolve this all away The One Who Has Always Been Has seen so much worse than this And The One Is still here Surrender In love and devotion
Native of Eternity At home in Infinity Breathing Immortality Cast aside the 10,000 things Don't go on to another Love only One (100 syllable Vajrasattva mantra) OM BENZA SATO HUM
Standing on the edge Gaze into the abyss Immediately doubts dissolve Dilemmas disappearing now Be ready, hold steady Take a leap of faith As your mind unwinds itself into itself Into this Natural Freedom Step out of the way now Through a leap of faith you will find a state of Natural Freedom
Reject the reality of everything Deny the universe of appearances Say No! To the phenomenal world Reside in the secret place inside As joy arises in your heart Enter freedom This sudden freedom Remain there and dwell
Bondage Not for me Liberation Not for me Bhairava says, I am beyond such nonsense Of bondage and liberation The sun is not trapped when it shines in a river Illuminating all the lives of the fishes. Nor is the sun set free again when it reflects off a ripple Back into the sky Bondage and freedom are notions arising from fear and separation Now look upon the universe of stars And see only me


To fully experience this music, a copy of The Radiance Sutras text is highly recommended. All songs were inspired by this text, which offers direct support to attain and sustain these states of luminous awareness. Please visit: lorinroche.com/the-radiance-sutras


released July 29, 2020

Madhu Anziani: Lead vocals and all harmonies, beat boxing, and vocal bass lines

Egemen Sanli: Sitar, Electric Guitar, Saz, Percussion, Handpans


all rights reserved




Madhu Anziani, a sound healer extraordinaire who healed himself from quadriplegia using sound, vibration, chanting, reiki, qi gong...Sharing sound now to offer a healing salve to the collective and inspire awakening

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